We are serving those who receive to health insurance plans from Insured Nomads as they automatically become members of the l’association Insured Nomads (France).

Primary Purposes


You as a member of the association benefit from our contracts on your behalf. Beyond the benefits, the association offers support exclusively provided to members who need the assistance in the evolving way of living in a borderless world.


We make it possible by negotiating high volume agreements with insurers and reinsurers around the globe as the association in order to spread the risk to a larger group, allowing solidarity for all. 

Empowering the Borderless ● Enriching your Lifestyle ● Equipping the Boundless ● Embracing Change ● Exemplarily Innovative ● Encouraging Empathy ● Equilibrating Benefits ●

Built for the Borderless

Our passion is to serve those who embrace the future of living, and the freedom to structure flexible and inclusive work formats and to go beyond the limits of contracts in solidarity with our members, the association offers support reserved for those who need a helping hand, in the event of an unforeseen event, inconveniences, illness, injury and hardship.

Medical care whether local, regional or worldwide

Supporting wellbeing and mental health 

Contribution to health costs

Providing access to physician consultations anywhere

Assistance for children with special needs

Access to legal

Financial emergency assistance

Aiding in professional services globally

Protecting People | You Matter

Our passion is the people who have set out to live free, leap across the borders, and go beyond the boundaries. We negotiate on behalf of those who we can protect through obtaining group insurance contracts and other benefits for our members. 

The association

Through this entity, group insurance contracts and benefit agreements are taken out on behalf of the members in accordance with current legislation, these are are distributed by the Insured Nomads Corporation and related companies are in partnership with the association.

The insurer

It is the company legally authorized to carry out insurance operations which guarantees the payment of benefits in the event of the occurrence of a loss guaranteed under collective insurance contracts.

The manager

Through the entities of Insured Nomads Corporation and Insured Nomads Europe management services and member experience is delegated by l’assocation Insured Nomads.

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